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Fleurish and Bane is an all-natural, vegan and handmade perfume oil company that creates "potions you dare to wear", and of course, it's also cruelty free! The idea of the name and imagery revolves around apothecary potions with a pinch of whimsical magic and a dose of the macabre. The potions are meant to enhance emotion through aromatherapy and whimsical stories that will take you to another place and time. We worked hard to blend seven signature fragrances that we will offer all year and four fragrances that will be created as limited editions revolving around the seasons.

- How we do it?

We hand make all our signature fragrances in small batches to ensure quality with each unique blend. For the carrier oil we use fractionated coconut oil which is good for your skin as it is non-greasy, travels easily and virtually holds no odor of it's own so the essential oils blend beautifully with it. Why fractionated instead of regular coconut oil? Fractionated coconut oil is simply coconut oil that has been distilled to change the structure of it's molecules, otherwise, the oils would be solid at room temperature and we of course need it to remain liquid! We chose to do oil based perfumes instead of alcohol based because they last longer and since they are directly applied to the skin, all the yummy fragrance goes on you instead of in the air! 

- Why we do it?

I'm very passionate about creating bath and body as it is something I have been doing for the past 10 years. In 2002 I started mixing my own blends of fragrances, and then started hand making soaps and perfumed items for friends and family. My love for perfume and the environment are finally married in this new business venture and I hope to be able to continue and expand for a long time to come.

Randy Riggs (my lovely husband) has been designing for 12 years and drawing since he could pick up a crayon. His love for all things dark and funny work well with the theme of this company and we have had a blast coming up with the stories so he could bring them to life on the page.

Everything you see is designed by Randy or myself, we have a hand in every bit of this company, it's definitely a love affair!

- Our Future

Fleurish and Bane has plans to sell our goods online and locally thru markets, shows and small boutiques and shops. Our future plans are to wholesale our seven signature fragrances in boutiques, small local markets, and other eco-friendly stores. From there we hope to gain enough capital to expand our lines to create handmade soap, solid perfume and body butter. These new lines will be created with our seven signature fragrances and will of course be all-natural, vegan and handmade. As the store gains traction we will soon need a new workspace that we hope will serve two purposes. A workspace to create and store our products, and to serve as small boutique storefront to sell them. This has been our dream since we first started creating Fleurish & Bane and it's now or never as they say!


- Creative Art

The designs you see on the labels have been created by Randy and are all handdrawn which gives it that look of the past. The whimsical contour lines and hatching look like etches created for snake oil bottles of the past and also takes on a feel of old advertisements.

- Environmentally Responsible

We have tried so hard to source our needs in accordance with having less of an impact on mother earth. Our label wraps are all biodegradable, even the coated waterproof ones. Our bottles are glass so they can be recycled. Our boxes and shred for packaging around the perfumes are made from 100% post consumer waste and is, of course, biodegradable. All of our equipment is reusable, nothing is disposable.

- Small Minded

We have sourced our printing from small local companies and our packaging from small companies located in the US, hoping to further our relations with our local community and help small business thrive and stay alive, much like we hope to do.

- Cruelty Free

We have partnered with PETA to verify our cruelty free status. As of last week we were approved and cleared to be able to display the cruelty free and vegan bunny on all of our fragrances!



- Lori's Story

In 2000 I was certified as a licensed esthetician. I've always had a fascination with skin, make-up and beauty products. After I was licensed I starting tinkering with my own blends and recipes all while being a work at home mom of 4 and helping Randy to grow his business. I'm currently a graphic / web designer and project manager and work with Randy at his design studio. I love working with him on his projects and clients but I feel it's time to phase myself out and do what I really want to do. Now that my children are older I feel the time is right.

- Randy's Story

Randy began drawing at an early age. With a pencil and a folded up piece of paper in his pocket he would take his imaginative drawings with him everywhere. When asked what he was going to be when he grew up his answer would always be in this order: An Astronaut, a mad scientist, or a cartoonist. His asthma and weak stomach kept him grounded and although science was a big passion in his life, he never felt the need to conquer the world so he had to make do with his skills with a pencil and piece of paper. College opened his eyes to the world of design. A craft that could use all his skills to create imagery that moved people much in the same way fine arts can, but also came with a monthly check to pay his bills and fund his fetish for comic books and dark chocolate.


If you can't donate we understand, helping can also come in the form of spreading the word. Help us share our project through your socials, sites and blogs. Here are the places we are located on the web, take a peek! ;)

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